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MLM ? Yes and No !

MLM sites will lure you with the promise of instant fortune and rewards while costing you money in real life

Not with us ! We mainly use MLM to developp awareness about benefits of bio products

Here is what makes us different :

No insciption fees

MLM sites make money on taking insciption fees before you buy/sell anything or sponsor any member.

Not with us ! There are no inscription fees to join.

No need to sell to get commissions

MLM sites try to push you to buy and cut your commissions if you haven’t sold a specific amount during the month

Not with us ! You get commissions on your network that you sold/bought or not.

No loss of newtwork members

MLM sites try to push you to permanently recrut and make you loose your network if members reach a certain amount of sales

Not with us ! You never loose your network whatever the sales amount.

Simple Commission Plan

Our commission plan is plain simple : 5 levels of network (including yourself), 4% commission per level.

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